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Angel Card Reading
As an Angel Card Reader, I can help you gain the clarity you need in your life and career.

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My friend Lauryn and I share our stories of getting to USANA and why we love the lifestyle choices we've made so much! They enable us to live vibrant lives and help others along the way!


I never go a day without my USANA products! I fully believe in their quality. They work! Check out my daily routine and learn how to make your own routine too.

Angel Card Reading

Do you feel like you are meant for greatness, but you aren't sure how you achieve that? Maybe you have a calling, but you need a little push in the right direction.

If you aren't sure what the next move is, or you just aren't sure you're ready to trust your gut feeling, an Angel Card Reading can help! Your Angels are just waiting for you to ask!

Angel Card Reading
Angel Card Reading


I have always been an artist. As my spirituality develops, so does my art and my creative ideas! Let's use art and creativity to dive deeper into your mission and develop your gifts.

Here's what my Amazing Clients Have to Say

Ashley is intuitive and thorough in her readings. Her voice is extremely soothing and she explained everything thoroughly, joyously and compassionately. I would recommend to anyone!
I love the confirmation and I love the perspective from someone else it makes it even more clear for me and reminds me that we all see things differently.  In a good way. I felt really good [after my reading]. I felt confident that my angels are always with me and I am always guided and supported. Now to just pay more attention 😉
My session was sent via email and nine cards were used and the information was so accurate and aligned! I actually loved all of the cards, but my favorite was Earth Angel. "The light in you is strong and spreads to those around you." I would definitely do it again and I'm so grateful that you gifted me the experience. Thank you Ashley!!

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