28 Day Holistic Connection Challenge

Connecting Mind, Body and Soul

The 28 Day Holistic Connection Challenge is all about learning to heal your body, mind, and spirit with healthy food, great supplements and a little help from the Universe. 

I have learned over many years searching for the right foods and diets what goes into feeling vibrant. But a diet alone doesn't work. I found that eating better and supplementing with the right vitamins makes it easier to change other areas of your life. The vitality you feel when your body is nourished, allows you to change your mindsets, talk about yourself with kind words, share your light with others and feel full of joy.

I created this challenge to combine all of the information I have learned along the way. I want to share what I've learned so you can find the peace and joy that I have found by working on mind, body, and soul at the same time.

These are all of the parts that go into mental and physical health. You can't fix one area and expect all parts of your life to fall into place, it's a combination. A holistic connection.  This program will cover topics to help your mind, body, and soul, to create a clear mind, a healthy diet and an energy you have never felt before!

Knowledge and Meditations
Healthy Food and Supplements
Angel Card Readings and Creativity

What to Expect

Weekly Angel Card Readings

Daily Motivation and Inspiration

Weekly Q&A threads and Live calls to answer questions

Additional Resources you will love


The best supplements on the market!

The benefits you will receive

Less cravings

More energy

Better habits for lasting change

Clear mind

Happy heart

Connections with people around the world who share the same values as you.

What Products You Receive





Hepicil DTX

Chocolate and Vanilla Nutrimeal Shakes

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We start January 2, 2018