Ditch Your Bad Mood

Ditch Your Bad Mood

The best ways to ditch your bad mood:

  • Laughter
  • Essential Oils
  • Be ok with your bad mood
  • Take Your Time
  • Figure out why your bad mood began
  • Journal
  • Exercise
  • Do something new and exciting

What do you do to ditch your bad mood? Are you looking for new ways? Let's chat!

Join the conversation below!

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My Top Two Favorite Angel Card Decks and Why I Love Them

My Top Two Favorite Angel Card Decks and Why I Love Them

Angel Cards are my favorite spiritual practice now. I use them almost every day for myself or others.

I just completed my Angel Certification Course and now I have spots available for discounted card readings!

My two favorite decks:

Indigo Angels

Doreen Virtue
This was my first deck, and I am still very connected to it. This is for those of you who are leaders, who do their own thing because they believe it to be right, those who don’t do things just because everyone else is.

Angel Prayers

Kyle Gray
A great deck for anyone interested in Angles. I love the artwork and the messages always fit. Plus they have a little prayer on each card that you can remember throughout the day.


I have spots available for discounted angel card readings as of February 2018. If one of these spots has your name on it, feel free to contact me, or schedule your reading today!

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Why I believe in Angels

Why I believe in Angels

Angels are pretty new to me. Prior to 2017, I didn’t really believe in much. Certainly not to the point that I would discuss things like this with other people. Even now, I am only beginning to open up about my beliefs. Now I totally believe that angels have my back.

I’m sharing a few stories that have helped me truly believe in angels and the Universe. These are the stories that have me and others dropping their jaw in total awe that something like this could exist.

  1. 4294 – The Story of How My Daughter Told Me to Believe
  2. Flying Wheels – When my angels told me to be careful on the road.
  3. Broken Plate – I should have gotten the plate first


My daughter has been saying 4294 for so long. Anytime she would count, it was 4294, over and over again. She never counted 123.

I found the Angel Intelligence Certification Course in October and knew immediately that I wanted to be in the class. Once in the class we began talking about Angel Numbers and on that day I realized that she hadn’t said those numbers since I decided I was going to be in the class. Guess what those numbers mean:

4 – Your Angels Are With You

2- Keep the faith

9 – Find your life’s purpose.

4 – Your Angels Have your Back

Think it was a coincidence that she stopped saying those numbers when I found angel card readings?

Flying Wheels

I was driving home one day and my car was acting funny. Lots of rumbling. I stopped at the gas station to air up the tires, they were low and I assumed that would fix it. It didn’t though, and since I was in a no cell service area, I just kept driving a little slower than normal down the road. I got this vision in my head that my tire was going to fly off and roll down the road. But I assumed that’s way to crazy, that will never happen. So I kept driving.

Within a few minutes, there was a huge noise and sure enough, the tire was rolling down the other side of the road, without me. We came to an easy stop and a nice woman stopped to let me use her phone so I could call home.

Broken Plate

The kid plates were in the dishwasher, so I used a regular plate for my son’s dinner. He had gotten down and my daughter’s dinner was still cooking. I turned to walk to the stove to flip her egg, when I got this voice in my head that said: “move that plate, it’s going to fall and shatter on the floor”. But I figured I would just flip the egg and then go get the plate. And before I had gotten to the stove, I heard the plate shattering on the floor. Now you might say that this is common sense, plates shattering, but I’ve dropped one on the floor previously and it was fine.


I’m still learning to notice these messages and take action on them. Many times, I only realize after the fact that these were messages. I believe that after some time with practice and guidance, I’ll really notice when I get these messages, and not after.

Do you receive messages like these?

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My 4 step Nightly Routine

My 4 step Nightly Routine

With two kids in the house, my spiritual routine is generally my nightly routine. (I’m working on a morning routine)

What do you do before bed? Do you just fall into bed after you’ve dozed off on the couch or do you meditate and use angel cards? What you do before bed or as soon as you get up makes all the difference in your life!

Nightly routine includes:

  1. Meditate
  2. Draw cards
  3. Journal
  4. Visualize while laying in bed, and say a little prayer


Every night I sit on my cushion to meditate. I enjoy a few different guided meditations or sometimes I’ll use a kundalini meditation, Sa Ta Na Ma.

Draw my Daily Angel Cards

I enjoy drawing cards each day. It’s my way to connect with my angels and to my inner self.


Once I’ve drawn my cards, I begin to journal. I start with the cards I received and what those cards mean. Then move on to other things that come up that I need to work through. I enjoy this time because I can include so many insights.

Visualize and say a little prayer

I’ve done the previous 3, brushed my teeth, turned my phone off, gotten under the covers. Now it’s time for the last steps. I visualize a white light shining out the top of my head. While this white light is glowing, I say a little prayer something along these lines:

Dear Universe and Angels, Please let me remember my dreams. Please let me recieve any messages that I need right now. Thankyou.

This routine helps me to fall asleep much easier. Also note, that I said I turned my phone off! This is a recent change and I think it helps so much. Especially in the mornings. I am less tempted to wake up to see what time it is on my phone and just go right on to checking emails before my feet have touched the floor. Now I don’t worry about my phone until after we have all gotten up and gotten breakfast.

All four steps don’t happen every night, but when it’s been a few days I can tell because I feel unsettled and disconnected. When I feel that, I know that it’s time to go to my office, sit down and meditate. It always makes me feel better.

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Why I’m Passionate About Angels

Why I’m Passionate About Angels

The idea of angels and angel cards was intriguing to me when I bought my first pack in April. I don’t think I really believed in the spiritual side at that time, but I knew that the messages I needed came up right away.

For a while, I did readings for myself almost daily. I loved it. I still love doing readings for myself. I didn’t know much about angels, or what resources to use, or why I was using the deck that I was using.

So when the chance to learn more through a certification course came up, I jumped on it. I thought that I would learn a few things for my own readings, I never thought that I would be reading others. But when I found out that in order to complete the course, I had to do readings for 10 other people, I knew that I had to. And when I had done only a few other readings, I loved it! I knew that this was something I wanted to continue to do.

Best of all, I learned how to take care of my energy. I learned that I could call on Angels to protect myself, to boost my energy and to grow. I have always struggled with keeping my own energy and not letting the energies of others affect me. For the first time in my life, I felt like I was learning how to take care of myself properly. When we went over how to disconnect from the people we do readings on at the end of the session, I felt a huge wave of relief. This resonates with me so much because I have been given advice so many times on how to keep my energy. “Just let it go” “Don’t let it get to you.” – etc. None of it has resonated with me until now. Connecting with angels has changed my world.

When I get tired but still have hours left in the day, I ask for help. When I’m around too many people or someone with a negative attitude, I ask for help. When I feel lost, or confused, or upset, I ask for help. I ask the angels for help. Sometimes I need my cards to get the message and sometimes the message just comes to me in the moment.

I am still learning more about this area, but this is something that has changed my life and will stick with me forever.

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Spring B, Quarter 1 {Quarterly Class Review}

Spring B, Quarter 1 {Quarterly Class Review}

With my first quarter completed at Arizona State University (ASU), I want to kick off my Quarterly Class Review Series. Each quarter, I’ll add a review of what came up and how the classes went.

As soon as I graduated from High School, I went to the Art Institute of Charleston (AI) for Web Design and Interactive Media. Receiving an Associate’s Degree allowed me to have quite a few transfer credits. This allowed me to get right into the psychology classes, the whole reason I’m going back to school. AI even gave me credit for Psychology 101, so even that class was taken care of.

Why I chose Arizona State University Online

I looked at about 10 schools prior to choosing one. I did research on the schools’ websites and finding reviews from students, and spoke with admissions counselors. I finally decided upon ASU because it was ranked really well on so many college lists.

 #1 in the US for Innovation from US News and World Report.

While I wasn’t able to take a sample course like some other schools allowed, I am very happy with my decision. The online classroom is every bit as innovative as told. Not to mention that you can read library books, and articles online, connect with students and teachers through the classroom just like you would in person.

Class this Quarter

I began classes at ASU with Psychology of Gender and Social Psychology. Two classes that I feel really begin to encompass the work that I want to do. Psychology of Gender covered topics on women, physical and mental health and differences in gender. Social Psychology went into how the world around someone effects them.

While I learned a lot about psychology, you can’t help but also be learning about yourself as well. When you read the books, you see your own patterns, strengths, and weaknesses. Homework assignments make you think about your past experiences. When combine with analysis of those behaviors, you really begin to see how and why you act the way you do.

Organizing my Schedule

My biggest worry about going to school online was being motivated to stay organized and on top of my assignments. I was surprised at how easily I was able to stay on track this quarter. The material was well organized and due dates made clear in the virtual classrooms. In the past I have needed an extreme amount of accountability. I may start out strong when first setting a goal, but after a while I just get bored and stop trying. Having due dates and deadlines like a regular in-person class was a huge help for me.

I used my Passion Planner to see when quizzes, and homework assignments were due. I was able to lay out my weeks for when I was going to work on what part of class. While the classes were well organized, having everything I needed organized on one sheet of paper made it much easier to stay on track.

With how well this quarter went, I feel as though this truly is my calling. I never got bored with the material and never needed any more accountability than the due dates. Everything was turned in on time and I didn’t feel rushed.

Passion Planner

My Passion Planner filled with school work and life

Learning Methods

I did have some trouble learning all of the material. It’s been 5 years since I was in school, and I really want to learn this content. I don’t want to go through school and only ‘get by’. ASU provides each student with a Success Coach, so on our weekly calls, I brought up study habits one day.

She gave me some great tips on how to takes notes and study more efficiently. I started off by trying the Cornell Method. This involved dividing a page in half to write a term or idea on one side and filling the other side with notes on that topic. After a couple of weeks of trying that method, I made my own variation. Instead of using sheets of paper, I used notecards. Each notecard is dedicated to one term or topic, and on the back, all notes regarding that topic are written. This makes studying much easier, all the information I need on each topic is in one spot and I can study without seeing the term.


I used 4×6 notecards to document all of my notes from the text and lectures.


The choice to go back to school is one of the best choices I’ve made for myself and I am thrilled to be attending Arizona State University. I look forward to continuing my education here. In three weeks I’ll be back in school with my next two classes for the Summer A quarter.


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Why Psychology?

Why Psychology?

Why did I choose psychology as my next career path? Everything I have been doing over the last few years has been in an effort to help people. Teaching Yoga, Writing a blog on health and happiness. Sharing Essential Oils and natural remedies. Sharing the ups and downs of becoming a mother. All these paths lead to helping people find their better selves.

While working on all of these projects, I have continued to feel as though something wasn’t quite right. That I was floundering around and not really making a difference. I was just trying to find my way to the thing that I really wanted to do to help others.

While trying to build a yoga business, I kept thinking that this was an in person industry. Not an online. Having second thoughts, makes it tough to get anywhere. Hating myself for doing something that I didn’t believe in, was not helping. Wether it came across to potential clients and friends, or not, wasn’t the point. I was pushing and pushing and pushing. It didn’t come naturally. It wasn’t authentic.

On top of not feeling authentic, I always found myself longing to be around horses. They were always on my mind. When I couldn’t see one in person, I would binge watch horse shows on Netflix. I dreamt of a day where horses could be part of my work as well.

I never noticed it before, probably because I called myself shy, bad with people, not a people-person, etc. Now I just label myself as an Introvert, which is far from a bad thing.

I had a love for biology and how things worked. I had a microscope in my bedroom and wanted to analyze things. I gravitated to books on self-help and still do. I enjoy trying to understand how people think. Why they do the things they do. The whys and hows of life. I often try to help friends figure out where to go next. (hopefully they feel the same!)

I have books on the mind, changing the way  you think and aligning western principals like the chakra system with eastern psychology. I truly  have been studying psychology for years without even realizing it. Ever since I started practicing yoga.

A few years ago, I worked at Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding Facility. I never interacted with the students, but I thought it was amazing that they had this barn. I loved that they helped so many people with the help of the horses.

It all came together when I was sitting in a Postpartum Depression Support Group session, being offered a grant to see a psychologist, I had a lightbult show up over my head. Why don’t I go to school for psychology? I have been wanting to help new moms, but babysitting, shopping for them, and such isn’t my thing. I had been wanting to help through yoga, but what if I could help as a psychologist? What if this degree could help me teach yoga better? With a degree in Psychology,  I could combine all of my interests.

The horse lovers, heal with horses and a psychologist.

The artsy ones heal with art and a psychologist.

The yogis heal with yoga and a psychologist.

It makes perfect sense now. Everything happens when it is supposed to. Now it’s time for school.



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