Classes I’ve Taken

Spring 2016

Social Psychology

Social Psychology covered research methods, theories and principles of how society works. We covered topics such as stereotypes, attitude, helping and methods of persuasion.

Psychology of gender

Psychology of Gender covered topics such as stereotypes, gender roles and attitudes, and other concepts relating to relationships and health differences between genders. This course provided ample information on how to collect and interpret data in the relation of gender and the difficulties one faces when collecting this data.

SSR_TSRPT-springb copy

Summer 2016

Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychology focused on child psychology, beginning prenatally, and continuing through adolescence. Topics included how children develop in womb, connect with parents and peers and how children are shaped by their peers. Personality and how gender roles develop was covered in depth during this course.

Adult Career Development

Adult Career Development covered topics regarding career development, informational interview techniques, and APA style writing and development. Through self-assessments and evaluations we learned what careers and strengths we find appealing.


PDF Download of the Resources that were most helpful to me

These are the books, websites and tools that helped me to heal and continue to help me grow. I recomend these to anyone interested in healing from depression, anxiety or willing to grow!

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