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Why Psychology?

Why Psychology?

Why did I choose psychology as my next career path? Everything I have been doing over the last few years has been in an effort to help people. Teaching Yoga, Writing a blog on health and happiness. Sharing Essential Oils and natural remedies. Sharing the ups and downs of becoming a mother. All these paths lead to helping people find their better selves.

While working on all of these projects, I have continued to feel as though something wasn’t quite right. That I was floundering around and not really making a difference. I was just trying to find my way to the thing that I really wanted to do to help others.

While trying to build a yoga business, I kept thinking that this was an in person industry. Not an online. Having second thoughts, makes it tough to get anywhere. Hating myself for doing something that I didn’t believe in, was not helping. Wether it came across to potential clients and friends, or not, wasn’t the point. I was pushing and pushing and pushing. It didn’t come naturally. It wasn’t authentic.

On top of not feeling authentic, I always found myself longing to be around horses. They were always on my mind. When I couldn’t see one in person, I would binge watch horse shows on Netflix. I dreamt of a day where horses could be part of my work as well.

I never noticed it before, probably because I called myself shy, bad with people, not a people-person, etc. Now I just label myself as an Introvert, which is far from a bad thing.

I had a love for biology and how things worked. I had a microscope in my bedroom and wanted to analyze things. I gravitated to books on self-help and still do. I enjoy trying to understand how people think. Why they do the things they do. The whys and hows of life. I often try to help friends figure out where to go next. (hopefully they feel the same!)

I have books on the mind, changing the way  you think and aligning western principals like the chakra system with eastern psychology. I truly  have been studying psychology for years without even realizing it. Ever since I started practicing yoga.

A few years ago, I worked at Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding Facility. I never interacted with the students, but I thought it was amazing that they had this barn. I loved that they helped so many people with the help of the horses.

It all came together when I was sitting in a Postpartum Depression Support Group session, being offered a grant to see a psychologist, I had a lightbult show up over my head. Why don’t I go to school for psychology? I have been wanting to help new moms, but babysitting, shopping for them, and such isn’t my thing. I had been wanting to help through yoga, but what if I could help as a psychologist? What if this degree could help me teach yoga better? With a degree in Psychology,  I could combine all of my interests.

The horse lovers, heal with horses and a psychologist.

The artsy ones heal with art and a psychologist.

The yogis heal with yoga and a psychologist.

It makes perfect sense now. Everything happens when it is supposed to. Now it’s time for school.



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